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Hello and welcome on my new Website

It's likely that you came from my YouTube channel or are already a member of my Piano Academy.

It's also possible that you're solely interested in my piano music and want to listen to and enjoy it. We created this website for all of you.

From the beginning, my idea was for this site to be open to everyone, with its sheet music videos and musical content. Only if you actively want to learn piano or have access to the sheet music for my entire piano repertoire can you become a member of my community.

The center of all my activities has been my YouTube channel for years, where I primarily release all my pieces and tutorials in the form of sheet music videos. Many users learn from these videos, and many have excitedly told me how they learned to read sheet music through my videos.

Therefore, it made sense to structure the website similarly to YouTube. So, let me first talk about the

structure of the website.

When you arrive on the homepage, you'll notice a layout similar to YouTube, displaying the videos in the order of their release.

Here, you can briefly preview all the videos without having to delve into the details of each workshop. You're familiar with the user-friendliness of YouTube, so you'll also be acquainted with the occasional advertisements.

Of course, you're aware that by subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can completely hide the ads, but that choice is entirely up to you. Here, you can naturally download all the sheet music, MIDI files, and other files.

If you want to get to know a workshop in more detail, you can click the "Continue Reading" button, and inside, the page is completely ad-free because I play the videos from my Vimeo account.

In The Menu, you can select different categories. Besides the rapidly expanding Easy Piano category, the most important one is the My Piano Music category, which contains all my original pieces and arrangements from recent years. Naturally, I have poured my heart and soul into this category, and you can find many treasures here.

However, this doesn't apply to the My Best Covers category, which is highly popular and is played using YouTube.

I generally sell the sheet music for cover songs exclusively through, and the link is provided with each title. Unfortunately, German copyright and publishing law do not allow for any other solution.

A word on the technical aspect:

Based on experience, I know that there are often significant technical problems when it comes to downloading, playing, and printing the sheet music.

In my workshops, you can generally download PDF files for the sheet music, MIDI files for specific applications like Synthesia and sequencing, MP3 files for audio recordings, and .zip files, which contain packaged files like CDs and songbooks, as well as Logic Sessions.

Especially MIDI files have been somewhat overlooked lately, even though they can be used to do some fantastic things in the learning process with programs like Synthesia or MIDI players.

Since there are often a lot of issues arising from this, I will create tutorials on these topics and FAQs in the near future.

The goal must be to ensure that the site is consistently easy and smooth to use because the purpose is to listen to and learn piano music without stress.