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Into the Land of Dreams - 2 Stunden meiner besten Piano Music

Playing the piano offers a unique combination of musicality and technical precision.It allows you to represent complex pieces of music with all the finesse and nuances of musicality.You can fully immerse yourself in the music and at the same time constantly improve your skills as an instrumentalist.

Listen to yourself play!

In addition, the piano is a versatile instrument suitable for many musical genres, from classical compositions to jazz and pop to electronic music.In short, playing the piano is fascinating and challenging at the same time.Melody and chords are the two fundamental components that every song must have, and they are very powerful independently of each other.

The melody is what we sing or hear, it is the musical expression of the lyrics or an emotion, while the chords form the harmonic structure of the song and are more subtle than the melody.The best thing about melodies is that they can often captivate us and transport us to another world.They allow us to express our emotions in ways that words alone cannot and often stay in our minds for a long time.On the other hand, the chords give our melodies the structure and depth they need to really shine.They can help us convey the atmosphere of the song or lead us to a climax.

The best thing about chords is that they often provide the opportunity to interpret the song and play it in different variations.Both will certainly play an important role in the Dietmars favorites series: creativity and passion in the melody, and a solid harmonic structure in the chords.This allows listeners to understand and enjoy the songs while listening even deeper thanks to the craftsmanship that goes into each songI wish you much success with Intothe Land of Dreams and, above all, a lot of fun playing

All sheet music for the songs is of course available for download here and as a special gimmick I have created an MP3 of the entire video that you can download.2 hours of my piano music to relax and enjoy...