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Songs from Lands and Seas - 2 Hours of my best Piano Music

That sounds wonderful!An album about land and sea could be a great way to musically express the beauty and diversity of nature and landscapes.

The piano is a versatile instrument that offers the ability to convey many different moods and emotions, from gentle and calming to dramatic and intense.

I have written various pieces or improvisations to explore different aspects of the theme of "Land and Sea".Maybe you can be inspired by the landscapes and colors of nature that made me write these pieces.The music could just as easily be influenced by experiences, memories or stories from your own past that are connected to the theme.

No matter how you approach the subject, I am sure that you can convey a powerful and moving message across land and sea through your music.

Good luck working this album!I wish you much success with Songs from Lands and Seas and, above all, lots of fun playing itAll sheet music for the songs is of course available for download here and as a special gimmick I have created an MP3 of the entire video that you can download.2 hours of my piano music to relax and enjoy...

Word of the Producer about the Myth of Improvisation

Piano improvisation is unique because it allows the musician to create music in real time without relying on predetermined notes or a composition.

The musician can develop and express harmonic, rhythmic and melodic ideas in an intuitive and spontaneous way.He can give free rein to his creativity and direct the music in a personal and unique direction.In addition, due to its constructive properties, the piano as an instrument offers an enormous range of sound possibilities and techniques that musicians can use when improvising.

This combination of freedom, creativity and the versatility of the piano makes improvisation a fascinating experience for the pianist and for the audience, who can enjoy the music created live...